The conference theme for the first ever TCGA-India conference (2019) will be to highlight important strategies for undertaking multi-omics studies in cancer with the support from cancer databases such as TCGA. This conference will be an ideal platform to display relevant research in this domain in the form of poster presentations to the conference attendees including international and national experts in addition to like-minded peers.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Based on this conference theme, research abstracts are now invited for the conference on the following topics:

  • Carcinogenesis
  • Metastasis and Tumor Microenvironment
  • Tumor Cell Plasticity
  • Tumor Metabolism
  • Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy
  • Precision Oncology
  • DNA Damage Repair
  • Molecular Signaling in Cancer
  • Transcriptome Analysis in Cancer
  • Multi-Omics in Cancer Prognosis and Prediction
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Tools for Multi-Omics Studies in Cancer.

Submitted abstracts should have a word limit not exceeding 1000 words in the format of:

  • Background
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion

Abstract title, author list, affiliations and contact details should be clearly stated. Please indicate the name of presenting author in the author list.

Abstracts should be submitted by August 31st, 2019 by sending a PDF of the abstract in the requested format to

Abstract Selection

An abstract screening committee will evaluate the submissions based on aforementioned criteria and inform the authors by September 7, 2019. Successfully screened abstracts will be acknowledged with an electronic receipt including an abstract reference number, which should be quoted in all correspondence.

Registration for the conference is not dependent on the acceptance of your submitted abstract. You are encouraged to register for the conference in order to avail early-bird offers.

Abstracts of all accepted contributions will be included within the conference proceedings which will be distributed to all registered conference participants.

For queries, please write to us at